Welcome, Frontntweaks is back online.
Had to migrate to another hosting service.
It just so happens, that other more urgent projects had come up at the same time, so Frontntweaks had to move to the backburner, as it is just a side project of mine.
There is also a new facelift, and currently, only 90% completed.

Frontntweaks is just a simple one stop site that can help you grow into the best you can be.
Back in my day, I had to learn by reading books, and experimenting in text editors.
Youtube, jsfiddle, and codepen did not exist yet.

Today, the beginning web designer and developer has so many resources available at the touch of their fingers, that sometimes it can get overwhelming. Hopefully Frontntweaks can help you sort of the abundance of material available to best suit your needs.

Follow my blogs as I share my thoughts, experience, problems, hints and more through all the years of building and fixing websites.

Keep Coding
Gerald Watanabe

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