Finding a new web hosting service can be a painstaking process. It doesn’t matter what hosting website you exam, they all claim to have 99.9% uptime and total customer statisfaction.

So how about reviews, can you trust reviews that you come across?
From what I understand, some hosting services actually pay these review sites to place their hosting business at the top of the review.
In additon, how do you know a customer is actually providing a truthful review?
If it is a negative review, could they just want retaliation due to some personal conflict?
Yes it can become confusing and even stressful.

No matter what type of website you plan to launch, it is extremely important that you find a host that is reliable and has great customer support.

In my current experience, I just moved to a new hosting service.
What steps did I take to select the new hosting that I am currently on?

Before I answer the question, let me go into rewind mode to share my web hosting experience.
Since starting my part time web business, I have had the opportunity to work with 6 different hosting services. So I know the good things, and the quirks of each one.
In addition, I usually don’t put all my cookies in one jar.
I have at least 2 different hosts in which I split my clients on. Currently I am running on 3 hosting accounts. The purpose and reason for this is can be explained in another separate post in which I won’t get into at this time.
Bottom line, there is NO Perfect hosting service.

My suggestion on finding a hosting provider?
Use this online service: WhoIsHostingThis.
Find out what hosting service similiar websites are using.
If they are in your city, contact them, and ask how satisfied are they with their hosting provider.
If you feel bold, you can try an contact other website owners in other parts of the country and ask the same question.
Be prepared, less than 50% may respond. But the replies that you receive can be very helpful, as to why they love or hate their current provider.
You can also ask friends, your employer, your kid’s little league, and so forth.
You just want sources that can give you “real” feedback on their hosting service experience with a particular provider.

When you have created a list of possible web hosting candidates, you can than search the web for reviews. You can use the sources I have listed on this page: Web Hosting.

Next you need to determine what platform or technology you are implementing for your website.
Than within your budget limits, analyze your needs and options.
Short List Examples:

  • If you are planning on using WordPress, should you spend more and secure a WP Optimized host?
  • If cost is a major factor, than look for a shared hosts. Is the sign up cost a one year special? What is the renewal fee? Do they allow monthly or only annual payments?
  • What Control Panel do they offer (cPanel, Plesk, or other)?
  • Some providers include Free SSL certificates and Cloudflare options for a slightly higher cost.
  • How many domains are allowed? Single, multiple, or unlimited?
  • Is 24/7 Live Chat support important to you?

This is just a short post on finding a web hosting service, which has been updated from an orignal blog (Frontntweaks 2013).
There is of course a lot more involved, but hopefully you can find the web host that MEETS YOUR NEEDS.
It is not about finding the best “rated” web hosting service.


Gerald Watanabe

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