While listening to a recent podcast, the guest who was a developer for a large enterprise, mentioned that Java Script is the main core of their applications. React JS was their current framework in use.

He went on to say that when they hire new developers, what they look for is their knowledge of Java Script, and NOT their skill in React JS.

In addition, he elaborated that frameworks does make the coding process more simplified, is faster, and more efficient, but there are drawbacks to frameworks.

I was thinking about this, here are some things that came to mind:

  • Frameworks come and go, new and better ones appear frequently.
  • The business must decide to switch or stay with current framework. If they switch,
    their developers will have learn the new framework, is it worth it?
  • The framework user learns the framework, and not the language.
  • Frameworks have limits or contraints: you can only accomplish what the particular framework is capable of.
  • Frameworks may stunt your creativity, as you are locked into a way of doing things, or limited within the structure of the framework.

The bottom line, no matter what framework a business decides to use, Java Script is Java Script. The developer who understands basic Java Script will be able to continue to function with the code, and carry on with the mission. In other words the framework can be dropped, but work will continue without any framework.

I remember a few years ago, there was a heated debate on forums and blogs, “Should I learn jQuery or Java Script?” When the jQuery Java Script library was introduced, wow, it made using JavaScript much easier on your website. Downside, you may not truly learn Java Script, which results in problems when trying to fix issues within the Java Script code.

These are only my opinions, hey, I also have used frameworks myself.
Since we all want to built things now, who wants to wait around and study the core language, that takes time.
This is the generation of “now”.

In the long run, we need to see the Big Picture.
Will taking time to learn the language be a win win situation later?

What do you think…..

Keep Coding
Gerald Watanabe

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