On my previous post, I went over the many different Chrome builds that are available for developers.
Mozilla also has a team working on Firefox and its various editions which you can download and try out.
From what I observed on the internet, Chrome and Firefox are the two main browsers that designers and developers use.

Where to find multiple versions of Firefox for developers: Download

There are three browser categories: Desktop, Android, and IOS

Desktop Releases:

  • Test about-to-be-released features.
  • In the most stable pre-release build.

Developer Edition

  • Has it’s own dark theme to distinguish itself from other Firefox browsers.
  • Can run separately from other installed Firefox browsers on your computer.
  • Has additional developer tools to build, test, and scale.

Nightly Edition

  • Mozilla’s classification for frequently released Firefox alphas versions.
  • Usually contains experimental features, which are not fully tested.
  • Mozilla developers develop during the day, and upload a fresh build nightly.
  • Many of these features may have stability issues.

Mobile builds
Android (Code name Fennec)

  • Currently only available for Linux and IOS.
  • Requires Android device for testing.
  • Requires fast internet connection.

There are also two versions to download (Beta and Nightly).
Their purposes is similar to the desktop versions:

Testflight – Test beta versions of Firefox for iOS via Apple’s TestFlight program.

You can find more info at the Firefox blogs!

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