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Maybe I should have titled this blog as “Before We Start, Do You Have These Items?”

The majority of clients that want to sell products on the web, already understand what is required to build an E-commerce website. For they are Entrepreneur’s and have a background in business or sales.

Once in a while and most recently, I received a request from someone who wanted to get involved with selling products that he had created. As a new business, he was working from his home and wanted a website to promote and sell his creations.

When he inquired as to the cost of building a website, my Automatic response is what kind of website do you have in mind. I then go through the example of asking a contractor how much would it cost to build a home? The contractor needs to know how many rooms, bathrooms, one or two stories, etc.

Red Flag, after questioning him on his needs, it was determined that he wanted an online store. So I used the word E-commerce, and he asked what is E-commerce?

I further went on to explain what an E-commerce website was and that it would be the most costly website to build as compared to other types of websites. Continuing with our conversation, he did not realize that to create a website, the developer would require additional information besides the product photos and data.
So always have a checklist ready that you can send to the client so they can see in writing what is required of them.

Besides protecting both the client and yourself, I usually insert this checklist into the invoice so there will be no misunderstanding later.

Shop Owner Checklist:


Click on image for full size view

This is just a basic guide to present to your client. Depending on what kind of products is being sold, there may be items that can be eliminated or added to this checklist.

Gerald Watanabe

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