As a designer or developer, how does one choose the basic color scheme of a new website?
Is the type of the business or organization (i.e. pre-school, gym, auto parts) a factor?
Or could be by the client’s request, maybe it’s your favorite color pattern.
It could also be based on the color scheme of the organization’s logo.

Without knowing it, many visitors to the website can be swayed to or reject the website because of its color selection. An example is the color pink, it is a girly color that attracts women of all ages.
So if your business is selling products to women, could pink be the catalyst that will make them click the “Buy” button? That is truly a debatable subject.

Hopefully, this infographic can display how the right color scheme can help your website can reach its ultimate potential and be very successful.

Content may be King, but does the color scheme of a website carry any weight?

Gerald Watanabe

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