The neat thing about designing or developing websites is that there aren’t too many factors involved to do it. If a computer and internet connection is available, you are good to go.

How about a comparison to other endeavors, such as sports. If you want to play some softball or football, you need a field. Then lights, if you want a game in the evening. You also need enough players to field a team, not to mention how terrible weather conditions can put your game on hold.

If you surf, you are at the mercy of the size of the waves.
How about bowling, you are indoors so weather is not a factor.
Except for one major problem, what if you wanted to bowl a game at 2 am in the morning, can you find a bowling alley open?

I think you get the point, as a caregiver to my Autistic son, my work time can adjust to his schedule, which can vary each day. So whether its early morning, mid-morning, noon, evening or late night, I can do some work.

Other than work, how about finding time to learn a new technology to add to your bag of tools. If you’ll like me, you require uninterrupted time to absorb the teaching and what better time is there than at 3 am. Totally quiet and peaceful where you can fully concentrate with your coffee or energy drink on hand.

The photo you see in this post was taken in the very early morning with the lights off. I like this because you can view the monitor so clearly. In addition, there are no distractions, giving me the best opportunity to have an almost error-free session as my concentration and focus is at its best.

How about you, what is the best time when you can be the most productive and focused?

Gerald Watanabe

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