There are two basic tools every designer or developer uses daily. Your text editor and browser. For the most part, it seems that most developers use Google Chrome as their primary browser.

I myself usually share the use of Chrome and Firefox equally. I love using the developer tools and extensions in Chrome, but Chrome has a reputation of using loads of resources. This is especially important on one of my laptops that only doesn’t have the best hardward (ram and processor). In this situation I run Firefox as it does seem to be faster and does not eat up your computer resources.

Although FF Quantum Beta was released back in Sept of 2017, I didn’t think much of testing Quantum, I thought it was just another routine upgrade to FF. Later, I read blogs and posts about Developers actually switching to FF as their go to browser. Entering the Quantum Era

OK, there must be something about this FF upgrade, so I finally installed the latest download, and the first thing I observed was the new look. Even the FF Quantum logo has been redesigned (did you notice?). The logo is much simpler and less detailed as the previous logo.

Using the eye test, the browser loaded fast. So I installed Quantum on my desktop machine and noticed it was no slouch either. The main test would be on my older laptop, the one with minimum ram and processor speed, and wow, FF loaded briskly. So will FF be my new go to browser? Not yet, I still have to use FF on a daily basis to accomplish my tasks, from which I can draw a valid decision. I wonder what features future Google Chromes releases will incorporate?

Here are a few videos explaining more about Firefox Quantum:

Gerald Watanabe Islandwebtek

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