Even though many of you have built websites with WordPress, you may have noticed all the folders and files in your website’s directory.

These are your WordPress Core files and you should never have to touch these files. In fact, with the exception of the configurable files (.htaccess and wp-config.php) you should not edit these core files. For even if you did, they would be overridden by the next WordPress core update.

Basically, there are two ways to view or access your WordPress core files:
1) Directly on your server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
2) Through your Cpanel: File Manager.
I won’t be delving into how to use these tools, for they are a subject for another time and place. Besides, I know you’re already familiar with them.

So what are the core files? They are the backbone of the WordPress Platform, it is the structure that makes the engine run.
According to Dictionary.com:
of central importance; basic; fundamental: the core values of our organization.

This infographic will try and explain what the key WordPress core files are in a very simple, clear, and concise manner. Now remember, I said key files. If you ever open any of these folders:
You will find literally hundreds of other files, all having a specific purpose in the WordPress core.


Gerald Watanabe Islandwebtek

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