I’ve read a diverse amount of web development blogs and posts through the years. The problem I have is not making note of where I’ve read a specific gem that had been implanted into my memory banks. It’s unfortunate because sometimes I would like to refresh myself on that particular article.

Putting yourself into Airplane Mode was one of those articles.
I just want to share how this concept can help you learn to code.

Every phone has the Airplane Mode feature which disables all the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular and data connections on your mobile device. In other words, this feature prevents the device from sending or receiving calls and text messages.

In any case, going Into Airplane Mode has helped me focus on learning code immensely and maybe it is what you need to do yourself.

For me to absorb things like coding, I need to fully concentrate
on the syntax, structure, and rules of that particular language.
I can only be successful if I am totally absorbed into the concept of that particular language.

I find that any distraction will cause me to lose my focus and I would have to rewind and repeat that area where I lost my focus. This can take place numerous times if there are too many distractions. So the best time for me is in the wee hours of the morning when the family is sleeping, I have the time to myself. No TV, no music, totally quiet, with all the lights off. Absolutely no chance for distraction. That’s what works for me.

I have already put my phone in Airplane mode, so there will be no email, txt, news flash, nothing to distract me during this time.

How about you, where is the best place for you to be Airplane Mode?
Remember all you need is your laptop and WiFi to connect to the:

  • Video lesson
  • Lesson Course you are following
  • Online compiler: Codepen, JSFiddle, Plunker,
    JSBin, Liveweave, etc.

Here are other suggestions for your quiet place:

  • Library
  • Your car in the garage
  • Bathroom
  • Your office afterhours
  • Closet

Maybe you are one of those who doesn’t need to go through all this to learn to code. But for me and others like me, we have to go to extremes to be successful.

Gerald Watanabe

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