Perform A Restart in the New Year

Computers and phones need to restart once in a while. It clears out the memory and flushes out all the temporary and random data bogging down your device.

So how does this relate to designers or developers?
We are into a new year, don’t continue into 2019 the same way as you ended 2018!
Trash all the junk, refresh yourself, it’s a brand new start.
Don’t let all the previous years junk slow you down.

When most of us move from one house to another location, we usually throw out all the junk that we have accumulated at our old address. Why would you want to move all your junk to your new home?

So what is junk?
Simple criteria, when was the last time you looked or touched it?
If your answer is never, toss it. Don’t become a packrat.

So what do I clean?

1) Attitude:
I believe this is the number one clutter that bogs us down.
Look in the mirror, have you been grumpy, easily frustrated, quick to anger, or just being plain negative?
This attitude affects your family, co-workers, friends, clients, and your work performance.
No one wants to be associated with a negative person.
The whole purpose of being a freelancer is to gain customers which means more projects. You certainly won’t add to your future endeavors if you turn off potential clients, no matter how technically skilled you are.

Being negative also affects your work performance.
You certainly won’t have that passion to produce the best work you can.
Having an optimistic outlook will make you want to go that extra mile to satisfy your clients.
On the other hand, having a pessimistic attitude will make you want to cut corners just to get the project over with. When you cheat, ignore the rules, go the cheaper less efficient route, it will always come back and bite you in the butt.

It’s a new year, try smiling more, be an encourager, and think about putting others first.
Yes, this can be a difficult task especially if you run into another negative person.
But in the end, you will come out ahead. Trust me.

Practice going one full day—or even one hour—without complaining about anything. Look for positive qualities in people and celebrate them. In every instance where life doesn’t go your way, see if you can find the gifts you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten had things not turned out the way that they did. When something amazing happens for someone else—they meet the love of their life or they land the perfect job—express happiness and joy for them. Make a commitment to recognize the lessons life is teaching you in every moment. Doing this will train you to turn life’s challenges into positive learning opportunities. [].

That’s why it is imperative that everyone have that vacation time during the year.
Like any computer device, your mind and body need to perform a restart ever so often.
Take actual time away from the job.
And don’t take your work with you, it defeats the purpose.

If you don’t have a respite time, all the clutter such as stress, disappointments, rejections, and negativity will just build up and follow you into the new year.

A number of studies have shown that taking time away from the job can have physical and psychological health benefits. People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals. [HealthySetGo]

2) Workstation:
Time to dump those old candy wrappers, empty energy drink cans, and obsolete sticky notes. How about neatly storing your notebooks, pens/pencils, and those USB sticks and SD cards.
Finally, wipe down your monitor, computer tower, external HD and your desk surface.
A clean desk means more efficient production. The reason is that your surrounding environment will make you feel more secure, safer and professional.

Being disorganized can cost time and money; a messy desk could even result in mistakes being made and it can slow you down when trying to find something you need. You can ensure you’re working efficiently simply by having a well-ordered work environment. [Small Business Co.Uk]

3) Organize:
Don’t enter the new year unorganized.
Being organized is related to a clean workstation, but goes even further.
Every developer keeps scripts of code, notes of how you fixed something, backup of various websites, etc.
Is it organized?
Have you ever needed something, you remember saving it, but can’t find it?
Maybe it’s time to reorganize everything.
Yes, it will take time, but just spend a few minutes each day organizing your files in folders with titles that make sense. The goal is to find it quickly.
If you can’t find it, why save it.
4) Old or Broken Stuff
Do you have outdated files, duplicate images, deprecated notes, and records that are obsolete?
Delete or trash them if you want less clutter.
Recently, I discovered a collection of old notebooks from when I started learning web development back in 1999.
In looking through them, all the information was obsolete. It brought back memories, but it served no purpose anymore. Into the trash bag, it went.

I also came across some old broken computer gear: dead speakers, broken mouse, dirty mouse pads, damaged earbuds, even 3.5 diskettes from the back in the day. Out they went, I should have dumped them right away.

All this junk just takes up valuable space.
Having a clean and uncluttered space will always lift your countenance.

To summarize this blog post:

  • This is the new year!
  • Start afresh, don’t bring all your clutter into the new year.
  • Control the things you can control: dump the clutter.
  • Check the following:
    • Your Attitude
    • Workstation Mess
    • Be Organizied
    • Trash the Old and Broken things

Hello, 2019 and bye bye 2018!


Gerald Watanabe

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