A2 Hosting: How to manually enable Litespeed caching


The purpose of this video tutorial is for:

  1. Clients who want to perform their own maintenance and optimization.
  2. Using A2 Hosting server with the Turbo service.
  3. Have some knowledge of using a text editor and FTP client.

All A2 Hosting services already come equipped with the A2 Fixed W3 Total Cache which is forked from the W3 Total Cache.
This caching plugin will work with Litespeed caching once it is enabled (verified by A2 Hosting support).

The video posted below is a step by step procedure to manually enable Litespeed Caching for your website.

If this procedure is performed correctly, you will see a faster page loading speed for your WordPress site when Litespeed Caching is enabled.



1) How to enable caching for WordPress on Turbo Web Hosting A2 Knowledge Base

2) Litespeed Cache ( LSCACHE ) Interserver

Gerald Watanabe

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