How to Update to PHP 7 and troubleshooting Hints


Some web hosting providers have already automatically updated their servers to PHP7.
While other providers have this update available but require the website owner or developer to perform the update.

What is the reason for this?

In my opinion, the hosting service does not want to be responsible for the possibility of broken WordPress websites during the PHP7 upgrade.

There must be thousands of CMS websites that were launched over a decade ago using the older version of PHP.
Many of these sites are just small mom and pop businesses and organizations that just have a brochure website.
Since many of these sites may be running outdated plugins and themes, there is a possibility that the site may break.

So these web hosting companies rather leave the responsibility to the site owner to ensure their website is compatible with the upgrade.

How to upgrade and troubleshoot if necessary

Upgrading is basically simple.
But sometimes there may be issues, it all depends on the web hosting provider.
There is a fix available and the video below shows how to go through the process step by step.

How to upgrade to PHP7 with CPanel

Fixing problem with .htaccess file

Gerald Watanabe

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