3 Ways to Migrate Files From Your WordPress Server


Recently in one of my Youtube videos, I showed how to download a file from a server to edit, then upload back to the server using either a FTP client or the CPanel File Manager of the hosting provider.
One of my clients responded, “isn’t there a much simpler way?”
He had installed a FTP Client on his computer and had a difficult time connecting to his webserver.
And maneuvering around his CPanel looking for the File Manager got him frustrated.
So he reached out to me.

I remembered that there was a File Manager plugin that could connect to your server and open access to all your files and folders.
But I had never used it, because why install another plugin when you could do the same thing with a FTP client?
So before recommending it to him, I installed the File Manager plugin on my test staging site to give it a test drive.
To my surprise, it worked exceeding well.
I had access to all my folders and files just by logging into my website.

WordPress: Three Ways to Download & Upload Files

For those using Bluehost, most likely you cannot view any hidden files (.htaccess) in the Cpanel File Manager,
even with the checkbox “Show Hidden Files” checked.

This video shows you how to overcome that problem.
How To Show .htaccess file in Bluehost Cpanel



Actually depending on your hosting provider, there are other options available for file management.
Besides the popular CPanel, there is Plesk, and WP Engine users have a Portal.

We are all busy people, so use whatever gets the job done so we can move on!

Gerald Watanabe

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