Looking At Three WordPress Static Generator Hosting Providers


If you are reading this, I assume you are already a web designer or developer and already understand the pros and cons of a static website.
So I am not going into all the basic introduction of explaining what a static generator is and why use one.

There are several plugins that will convert your WordPress site into a static website.
Then there are also three hosting providers that will also automatically publish a standalone, static HTML copy of your whole WordPress website.

So you may ask yourself what would be the advantage of using a WordPress static site generator host provider over a plugin?

1) Provides better SEO:

Static Generator plugins use Meta Tags redirects instead of real 301 and 302 redirects.
Because .htaccess files do not work with static sites, the only way to handle redirects is in the Meta Tags.
This extra scripting can affect SEO performance.
WP static site hosting supports 301 and 302 redirects.

2) Automatic deployment:

Once you “publish” your WP content, it automatically deploys to your active domain.
With a plugin, you will have to manually migrate your static files to an active domain.
This can be time-consuming, the possibility for errors, and a slower process.

3) WordPress Security:

If you use a plugin, your WordPress site is still somewhere on your server (unless you use the localhost).
So it is still vulnerable to attacks.
With a static generator host provider, your WordPress site is only alive when you log in.
After logging out and a period of inactivity, the server goes to sleep.
Hiding your WordPress site from the public.
Your WordPress site is housed in a secure container that only you can access.
It is protected from outside sources.
Strattic Handles this security for you by putting your WordPress installation on a secure staging area.

4) Contact Forms:

Since contact forms plugins require PHP, they will not function in a static site.
Strattic supports WordPress contact form plugins.
Hardypress supports Contact Form 7.
Shifter we created WP Serverless Forms.

5) Search Function:

Without dynamic functions, there is not a search box.
Strattic includes support for site search.
Hardypress takes care of scraping your website’s pages, and augment the search box to provide instant suggestions.
Shifter WordPress Plugin for Shifter site search is WP Serverless Search.

6) AJAX Requests:

Ajax requests is a dynamic functionality that needs to communicate with the database, but a static site doesn’t have a database.
Strattic includes support for AJAX.
Hardypress is always improving plugin/theme compatibility and, at this stage, it has no problems at all with AJAX request.
Shifter No documentation on AJAX.

7) CDN:

For a static site, you need to procure and configure a separate solution for your site.
Strattic included.
Hardypress Your content is served through a Global CDN .
Shifter provides Integrated CDN.

This video provides several WordPress Static Site Generator hosting solutions for you to take a look at.

WordPress Hosting Staticsite Generators

Take a look at three solutions for you try.
Quick description: these host providers turn your WP site into a static website and hides your WP install.



1) Shifter
2) HardyPress
3) Strattic

Gerald Watanabe

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