Testing the page caching feature on WP Optimize Plugin.


WP-Optimize is one of the most used and installed WordPress plugin to clean, optimize and maintain your database.
It’s simple to use, works great and is Free.

Later the developers added an image compression feature to help optimize your website to another level.

There has been ongoing development on this plugin, another feature that was added in version 3.0.0 (July 2019) was the
ability to cache your website. I did not test this tool immediately because of the caching plugins
I currently was using have been doing its job well.

So why use this caching feature?

Since WP-Optimize is now a multi-function plugin, you could have one plugin instead of a separate
plugin for your image compression and cache. As you know the basic rule, less is better.

In this video:
1) How to enable the caching feature.
2) Speed test before and after caching is enabled.



WP-Optimize Plugin

Gerald Watanabe

Divi WordPress Theme

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