What is Frontntweaks

Short Version

Frontntweaks is a one stop shop that provides resources, tools, learning guidance, and tips for anyone excited in learning about web design and development. Follow my blog on real designer experiences.

Long Version

My introduction to the world of web design and development began way back in 2000.
My employer sent me to a training session to learn Microsoft Frontpage.
I was intrigued using this editor to actually build a website with it.
But I was never happy using the drag and drop mode, as I could never get the layout aligned properly.
Then switching to the editor mode, I was introduced to the world of code.
I began learning HTML and CSS on my own and switched to the original Dreamweaver when it was owned by Macromedia. I actually learned HMTL and CSS when I would reverse engineer a free template. Move sidebar around, create multi-column footer, etc. You actually learn how everything works, instead of watching a video or reading a book.

Back than Flash was used in a lot of websites to create a more dynamic presentation.
Spent lot’s of time working with Adobe Flash and in other Flash formats such as Swishmax and Motionartist.

In a way, I was kind of sad to see Flash technology fade away, but in the end moving on to HTML5 and CSS3 is a much richer experience in the long run. I still receive requests to do Flash today, but I no longer work with this platform anymore.

Forward to 2007, I was busy cleaning out malware-infested computers and bringing slow running laptops back to speed. Using my knowledge of web design, Pctweaking made its appearance on the World Wide Web.
With my interest in designing static websites, I began adding web design “stuff” to this website.

So Pctweaking became a hybrid, computer repair/maintenance/web design website. As I got more involved with web design and development, I started weening off working with computers. My focus shifted towards building websites and Pctweaking slowly evolved into a web design and development website.

One big problem, with a name like Pctweaking, I continued to receive questions about fixing and troubleshooting PC computers. So in 2013, I decided to rename the website to Frontntweaks, which still stands today. The focus is on the novice web designer, and those interested in web design and development.

In 2014, I got involved with photography. As some of my clients required fresh photos for their website, I began to study and practice shooting images.
Photography has since become a release for me, something where I can recharge my batteries. You can find some of my pics on the links below.

In the last 5 years, I have switched my editor of choice from Brackets, to Atom, and now use Visual Studio Code exclusively. I have learned HTML5, CSS3 and JS.
And like everyone else, I have played with jQuery and React JS.

My choice of CMS is WordPress and have seen its development from the early days of version 2.3 to today, where it now powers over 28% of the websites on the web. Web development is an ongoing learning experience as new technologies and platforms are constantly being released.

Follow my blog, you will find actual experiences I have accounted, and what I have learned in building and fixing websites.

Frontntweaks is just a side hobby of mine and worked on when I have time between projects and other more urgent activities.

Why I do this? “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

Keep Coding,

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Mac Performa 638CD (1994)
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