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Frameworks JavaScript Learning Web Development

Learn Java Script Basics

While listening to a recent podcast, the guest who was a developer for a large enterprise, mentioned that JavaScript is...
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Web Host Speed Test

Everyone want's their website to be as fast as possible, because no one wants a slow loading site. There are...
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CMS Wordpress

WordPress Confusion

This post is based on a blog that I wrote on my business website in 2016. It has since been...
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Definitions Learning Web Design Web Development

Web Design Terms and Definitions

Whether you are a seasoned web designer, or new in this fascinating world of web development, you may have likely...
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HTML & CSS Web Design Web Development

When Web Design Was Simple

As I rewind back into the nineties, it was a time when my first website was posted on the original...
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Browsers Web Design Web Development

Unique Web Browsers

In my last post, I highlighted "Lesser Known Editors," text editors that may not be known, but are just as...
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Finding a New Web Host

Finding a new web hosting service can be a painstaking process. It doesn't matter what hosting website you exam, they...
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Non Tech

I’m Back!

Welcome, Frontntweaks is back online.I had to migrate to another hosting service.It just so happens, that other more urgent projects...
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