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WordPress Using Analytics Plugin

Intro Google Analytics is a very popular tool that the majority of websites use.It is also free and provides a...
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New Website Under Construction

GTmetrix Test of New Website Happy New Year 2021!In this blog, the first of 2021, I will be sharing some...
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Developers End of the Year Checklist – Updated 2020

Just A Simple End of Year List - Updated for 2020 As this crazy 2020 comes to a close, I...
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Using GTmetrix to Test Web Core Vitals

Testing Your Website For Web Core Vitals A new version of the popular website testing tools GTMetrix has added Google's...
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End of the Year Projects

The End of 2020 Keeping Me Busy In this post, there is no video, nothing technical, no reviews, just a...
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RecordCast Online Screen Recorder & Video Editor

RecordCast Review A new Free online all in one screen recorder and video editor.This is a test of the Beta...
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Publii Part 7 How To Update and the Config.json

We take a look at: Updating Publii1) How would you know updates are available?2) Reading the changelog.3) How to update....
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Client Problems

Some of My Client Issues In my Freelance Developers Manual, I have a chapter on People Skills ("What It Takes").This...
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Publii Part 6 Final Advanced Options

Final Advanced Setup Settings We finish setting up our website settings by tackling:AMPGDPRWebsite SpeedRSSPosts Watch as I give an overview...
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Clean A Hacked WP Website with Wordfence & FTP

Restoring a WP site infected with malicious files Watch as I clean a Wordpress site containing malicious files.This website uses...
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