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Sitepoint Members: 456,255
Active: 9,440
Posts 4,451,099
ANews, opinion, and fresh thinking in web development and web design. Learn HTML5, CSS Reference, Wordpress, JavaScript and ... Web Design
Web Development
Digital Point Members: 585,738
Active: 45,949
Posts 16,602,694
Discussion related to web design & development, search engines, including optimization, marketing, tools and other technical aspects. Web Design
Webmaster World N/A You can find anything: social media, programming, hardware, OS, SEO, browsers, and ecommerce. This is one of the larger forums. Web Design
Devshed Members: 441,889
Posts: 2,693,333
Strong in programming, and web development. But also has many topics on web design. Web Design
Mobile Development
WarriorForum Members: 558,455
Posts: 5,651,214
The best place to learn about internet marketing, ebook selling and home based business. Marketing
WebDeveloper Members: 138,354
Posts: 1,197,774
An active forum dedicated to web design and development. Web Development
Web Design
HTML Forums Members: 134,791
Posts: 791,479
Offers free HTML and web development help to webmasters, web developers and small business owners. Web Development
Web Design
DaniWeb N/A
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DaniWeb provides a one-stop solution for developers, tech enthusiasts, corporate professionals, and novices on virtually every IT topic imaginable. Software Development
Web Development
Kirupa Members: 186,134
Posts: 2,268,188
A designer and developer paradise filled with informative articles and helpful people to help you build great web applications using Flash or HTML5. Web Design
Game Development
Ozzu Members 46183
Posts 502435
Webmaster forums, headlines, tutorials, and information and resources for a professional webmaster, designer, programmer, and developer. Web Design
TalkFreeLance Members: 32,791
Posts: 563,558
Webmaster forum for web designers and freelance developers interested in website design, programming, search engine optimization. Web Design
Website Management
DesignersTalk Members: 467,083
Posts: 815,313
A forum for designers to discuss ideas and get feedback on graphic and web design. Web Design
CodingForums Members: 155,828
Active Members: 18,227
Posts: 1,201,983
Web coding and development forums. Discuss JavaScript, PHP, CGI, general web building. Web Development
Server Side Development

Web Development Podcasts

Whether you are a newbie, intermediate, or advanced developer, you will always learn something.
Updated: 2/20/21

Podcast Description
Syntax.fm Syntax - Tasty Web Development Treats. Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski are two full stack web developers who like to break down complex topics and make them easy to understand.
Shoptalkshow A podcast about building websites: Dave Rupert & Chris Coyier
JavaScript Jabber JavaScript Jabber is a weekly discussion about JavaScript, front-end development, community, careers, and frameworks.
The Web Platform A weekly show that dives deep into all things web from the developers building the platform today.
Jamstack Radio A show all about the JAMstack, a new way to build fast & secure apps or websites.
CodeNewbie The most supportive community of programmers
and people learning to code.
Smashing Podcast An interview show from your friends at Smashing Magazine. Drew McLellan talks to design and development experts about their work on the web, as well as catching you up with the latest news and articles at Smashing Magazine.

WordPress Podcasts

Updated: 9/13/2020

Podcast Description
WP Builds A WordPress podcast packed full of things that you either don't want to know or are clever enough to work out that we just made up!
Your Website Engineer Hey, Dustin Hartzler here, and welcome to Your Website Engineer. This website is devoted to helping you create a high quality WordPress website, by teaching you the skills to master WordPress.
WP Watercooler Each week our host Jason Tucker brings together people from the WordPress community to discuss WordPress and how it is changing our businesses and our lives.
Kitchensink WP So, my name is Adam Silver, and I created this site to share what I have learned in the past three years in regards to WordPress because the WP community rocks and is amazing and I want to give back.
Women In WP Women in WP is a bi-monthly podcast about women who blog, design, develop, and market in the WordPress community.
Think Like A HAcker Updates on WordPress security, Wordfence
and what we're cooking in the lab today.
DIVI Chat A DIVI Theme and Wordpress Podcast

Online Source Description
Speckyboy Design Magazine Speckyboy is an online magazine for designers with its focus on sharing helpful resources, exploring new techniques, sharing useful tips, and inspiring you to ...
WebDesignerNews We built WebdesignerNews.com to provide web designers and developers with a single location to discover the latest and most significant stories on the Web.
A List Apart A List Apart (ISSN: 1534-0295) explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.
CSS-Tricks CSS-Tricks launched July 4th, 2007. It used to be, believe it or not, primarily about CSS! Over the years, CSS-Tricks has come to become a site about all things web design and development.
WebResourcesDepot Top of the Line Web Building Tools and Platforms for 2017 ..
David Walsh Blog A blog featuring tutorials about JavaScript, HTML5, AJAX, PHP, CSS, WordPress, and everything else development.
Paul Irish Blog A front-end engineer and a developer advocate for the Google Chrome web browser. He is widely recognized as a thought leader and a leading evangelist in web technologies, including JavaScript and CSS.
Rachel Andrew CSS working group, editor of Smashing Magazine.
Jen Simmons Designer and Developer Advocate at Mozilla. Creator of Firefox Grid Inspector. Member of CSS Working Group. Teaching you how CSS Grid changes everything web graphic design.