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WordPress Using Analytics Plugin

Intro Google Analytics is a very popular tool that the majority of websites use.It is also free and provides a wealth of information for the website owner. But lets face it, Google’s analytics dashboard is very intimidating at first for the newbie.There is a learning curve involved and UI is not the most impressive in … Read more

Web Development Surveys

Looking At Five Web Developer Surveys Some developers relish the thought of studying statistics, data, and analytics that are related to the web design and development world.Others may casually take a look and find the data interesting and move on.In any case, you may find some of the results as surprising, fascinating, or even amusing. … Read more

WordPress How To Insert Google Analytics Code

For many, many years, I have always installed the Google Analytics or for that matter any analytics code in the bottom of the Body Tag or sometimes in within the Footer Tags. This was how I had learned to perform this procedure years ago.This applied to any website platform that I used, whether it was … Read more