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Faststone Image Viewer Tutorial

A Powerful Free Photo Editor I have been using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for my image editing for many, many years.In fact, I go way back to Photoshop 7 when it was still software you could purchase on a CD.This was years before the Adobe Creative Cloud we know of today existed. Sometimes when you … Read more

Design and Prototyping Tools

Tools to help you design, prototype, mockup, web and mobile projects Why use a web prototype tool?Way before design and prototype tools were in existence, I remember creating a layout in Photoshop.I also have seen designers share hand-drawn sketches of their designs on paper.Since Photoshop, Adobe has seen the need for a tool that strictly … Read more

Mobile and Web Application Development Backend Services

Cross Platform Services To Develop, Deploy, Manage and Test Web and Mobile Apps I was building a web app using React on my local machine and needed to test it live. Since I have the files stored on my local computer, I needed to stage the app so others can test and use this web … Read more