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Developers End of the Year Checklist – Updated 2020

Just A Simple End of Year List – Updated for 2020 As this crazy 2020 comes to a close, I updated my original post that was created an year ago to add two more checkboxes.They are listed on the checklist below. Things to check off to close out your business obligations so you can start … Read more


Recipe for Success I think we all can agree that freelancers would rather build and work on websites then take care of their bookkeeping chores.Even writing this article about bookkeeping has taken a lot of extra focus, grit, and energy to complete. But understanding the importance of good bookkeeping skills can only point to success.Thank … Read more

COVID-19 Shutdown Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy This is my venting post.But in the end I hope I can be of encouragement to you. Here I am sitting at my home workstation watching the latest depressing news on the internet.I live in one of the states that have implemented a mandatory shutdown of all nonessential activitiesduring this Corona Virus Pandemic.In … Read more