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Web Developer Computer Hazards

The health hazards of being a Web Developer When you enter an industrial area, you are required to put on PPE (personal protection equipment), a hard hat, safety shoes and a pair of safety glasses for your protection. While Road Workers who are exposed to the risks of moving traffic or construction equipment must wear … Read more

Computer Health: Desktop vs Laptop

The computer is the designer and developers number one tool. Many hours are consumed on a computer each day for completing their tasks. In addition, much of their free time is also spent on guess what? A computer, playing games, engaged in social media, watching movies, or just learning new web technologies. The physical nature … Read more

Ethernet or WiFi for Web Development

In searching the internet, you will find many articles agreeing that when your computer is hardwired to your internet modem/router, your internet speed is much faster, more stable and offers greater security than a WiFI connection. So should I hardwire all my computers? Let’s first discuss the reasons for using WiFi in the first place. … Read more

All About Linux Distributions

Your computer is already running a Mac or Windows system. Did you know that there is a third operating system called Linux? So what is a Linux operating system? The Linux source code (Linux kernel) was first released back in 1991. Being open-source, it has grown into many distributions or distros (different versions). Many different … Read more