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New Developer Tech 4

More New Tech You May Be Interested In Tenon.io Tenon offers accessibility as a service.“Every user should have equal access to your website. Tenon’s tools, testing and training fix accessibility for your entire organisation.” Testing: just insert your url to measure your website.Tools: Need an automated accessibility testing tool? Our API integrates into your development … Read more

New Developer Tech

Some new tech that you may be interested in. VSCode in the Browser You can now run VSCode IDE on any OS on your Desktop or Tablet. Stable and Safe: all your projects are stored in the cloud, and can be accssed from anywhere. All the features of the original remains the same. Free trial … Read more

WordPress Installing Animated Bars Without A Plugin

Sometimes you just want to install or create some dynamic content to help stimulate your post or page. The most easiest way to do this is by searching for a plugin that best provides the features you desire. As one who has built and fixed quite a few WordPress sites over the years, I’ve come … Read more

Publii SSG How to Create Columns or Tables with CSS Grid

Since I have been using Publii static site generator, I am learning more and more about it’s awesome capabilities and potential in building a fast loading website. On some posts, I needed to layout columns for my content.So how would I do this without using Bootstrap, or other library that would require another dependency. Now … Read more

Publii Change Background Color Technews Theme

I never did mention, that this current WordPress web development blog Frontntweaks.com is in the process of being migrated back to a static site. This site originally started out as a handcrafted static site.But as the posts grew and having the ability to add dynamic features with a click of a mouse, switching over to … Read more