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Stackbit Review

A Test Drive of Stackbit Currently Stackbit is in the Beta version as I test this online tool by actually building a live Jamstack website.As I reviewed the steps involved, I thought to myself can it be this simple and fast and not even write one line of code? Imagine setting up a Jamstack site … Read more

5 Simple Reason Every Business Needs A Website

If your small business does not have a website, you are not operating at your full potential I have met many small business owners who do not have their own website yet. Overall they are very successful in doing what they do. That’s why I can understand why they don’t feel a need for a … Read more

Online Website Builders

Is it for you? Online Website Builders like SquareSpace and Wix have become very popular since their inception a few years ago. Anyone can now launch their own website in minutes with these simple web builders. Once you sign up, you can obtain your domain, select a theme, add content including images, set up a … Read more