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Website False Positive Malicious File Warning

How I Determined This Was A False Positive I actuallly have been having this issue ever since I wrote a blog, “Fix A Hacked WordPress Website”. In this post, I embedded an actual malicious code as an example. When visitors view this post, a cache version of this post is automatically generated in the Content … Read more

Clean A Hacked WP Website with Wordfence & FTP

Restoring a WP site infected with malicious files Watch as I clean a WordPress site containing malicious files.This website uses Wordfence Security, so I used the scanner feature to clean out some of these malicious files.To complete cleaning the server, I used Filezilla FTP to remove the rest of the malware from various folders and … Read more

How To Check Your Email Security

Has your email been Pwned? “Slang. to totally defeat or dominate, especially in a video or computer game: You just got pwned! I pwned those guys in the end.” [Dictionary.com] Ever wondered if your email has been comprised, breached, or sold?Here are four online tools that can answer that question for you.They are simple to … Read more

How To Force Server To Use SSL

Original problem was No Padlock If you have a SSL certificate, it is installed on your webserver, and it is current (not expired) but you do not see the padlock in your browers verifying that your website is SSL secured. Yikes, no worries, follow me as I fix this issue on a live website.1) How … Read more

Web Security Tools

Security Tools To Help Fix or Tighten Down Your Website When checking my list of web security tools, I noticed that some of the websites that were referenced no longer exist.In other words, there were broken links. So I decided to update this list and add new tools that I think will be useful for … Read more