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Using GTmetrix to Test Web Core Vitals

Testing Your Website For Web Core Vitals A new version of the popular website testing tools GTMetrix has added Google’s Web Core Vitals to their test results.This makes it so much simpler to test your website with the often confused new Web Core Vitals terminology. There has been one change that Google has made since … Read more

Core Web Vitals and Tools

Google Core Web Vitals Back in May of 2020, I read a blog from “Google Webmaster Central Blog” about Google using a new set of metrics to rankwebsites sometime in 2021.See the article titled: “Evaluating page experience for a better web”, May 28, 2020.Link “Today, we’re building on this work and providing an early look … Read more

Tips to Speed Up WordPress

Speed Matters – the loading time of your website is very critical. Statistics reveal that: “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” [Kissmetrics] This is a review of an excellent article by Tran Tung, “How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site – And Increase Organic Traffic By 39.1%” … Read more

SEO Rambler

Do you stay up at night wondering how your competitors websites rank much higher than yours?You ponder, would hiring a professional SEO consultant help? I am sure every website owner has thought about these issues, for the whole purpose of your website is to be instantly found by visitors There is hope, meet SEO Rambler“The … Read more

Log File Analysis for SEO

Computers, networks, and other IT systems generate records called audit trail records or logs that document system activities. Log analysis is the evaluation of these records and is used by organizations to help mitigate a variety of risks and meet compliance regulations. [Digital Guardian: What is Log Analysis 10/16/17] My background into Log File Analysis … Read more