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Publii Static Site CMS Installing Photo Gallery

In this post I help a WordPress client who is frustrated with WordPress.He is playing with Publii, with the possibility of switching his WordPress blog to a static site in the future. Installing a photo gallery in Publii is a really simple process.I think the preparation of the images are the key to having a … Read more

New Developer Tech

Some new tech that you may be interested in. VSCode in the Browser You can now run VSCode IDE on any OS on your Desktop or Tablet. Stable and Safe: all your projects are stored in the cloud, and can be accssed from anywhere. All the features of the original remains the same. Free trial … Read more

Publii Change Background Color Technews Theme

I never did mention, that this current WordPress web development blog Frontntweaks.com is in the process of being migrated back to a static site. This site originally started out as a handcrafted static site.But as the posts grew and having the ability to add dynamic features with a click of a mouse, switching over to … Read more

Build A Rotating Gear Set

How I built a animated gearset logo I always wanted to redesign my logo, creating one with animations.I actually began working on this project in late 2020, researching and experimenting with various CSS animation properties. It was one of those projects that had no planning, I would work on it one or two days a … Read more

Publii SSG Install A Button Link

If you have used WordPress, sometimes you get spoiled, because it is so simple to install a button with a click of the mouse. But if you are constructing a project based on a static file or a static site generator, you will have to manually write CSS and add it to your HTML file … Read more