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Developers End of Year Checklist

Freelance Developers Manual
A Project of Frontntweaks.com
1st Edition Ver 1.0.1
© Copyright 2018 Gerald Watanabe

Just A Simple End of Year List

Things to check off to close out your business obligations so you can start the new year afresh.
You can’t just sweep things that you don’t like under the carpet and hope it goes away.
It will reappear and give you even more headaches. So take of matters now.

If you are a big-time procrastinator, this could be a difficult task for you. So just set time aside one day to make it a goal to clear up or finish tasks that need to be done.
At the end of the day, I guarantee you will feel much better about the situation and of yourself.

Free Lancers End Of Year Checklist

1) Pay all your outsourcing and vendors.
Just as you want your clients to pay you on time, take care of your partners as they are helping you.

2) Did you collect outstanding invoices from your clients?
This is where bookkeeping software such as Freshbooks or Quickbooks can help as they automatically bill your clients.
Many times your clients are busy and can forget, so you need to remind them.

3) Prepare your accounts for local and Fed Gov taxes.
Start early, you will be surprised how fast the April deadline (US) comes upon us.

4) Review your open projects and work.
Some will carry over into the new year.
How about your completed projects? Can you officially close them or is there something lingering that prevents you to do so?
Attempt to clear these little nuisances, or they can grow into bigger concerns in the new year. Clear unfinished business.

5) Review your profits.
You are a business, so the goal is to show profitability.
If there isn’t or you have a down year, you need to determine if you have to make cuts and where to cut back.
Or maybe you need to focus more on pursuing something with more emphasis or diversifying your income.

6) Expanding
Do you think you can get to the next level?
As a one-person operation, you can only do so much. Maybe it’s time to expand your business.
Start off by hiring someone on a part-time basis to assist you.
How about finding a young intern to learn what you do so they can be on the same page with you as you grow.

7) Self Training.
New technology is constantly being released on the web development.
Have you been able to squeeze time in to learn a language, framework, etc.?
If your answer is yes, then just continue.
But if have not been able to find that time, think about how you can make adjustments to make that consistent window to just learn.

8) Goals
Go over your goals for this past year.
Have you been able to meet them?
If not, review your goals if they are realistic, or what you need to change to accomplish them.

9) Christmas Thank You
Did you send out a card or at least a nice email thanking your clients for their business?
And to wish they and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Don’t burn bridges.

10) Family Time
How was your family time this past year?
Was it quality time?
Only you know, always remember family before work.
A happy family = happy work time = quality production.


Don’t let this past year go without reviewing your business methods and skills.

Bottom Line:
Don’t make the same mistakes again in the new year.
Even if the new year only has a 1% improvement, it is in the right direction.
You always want to be moving forward and not backward.

Have a Happy New Year!