Freelance Developers Manual

Ver 1.0

The Ball Has Started Rolling

You opened your doors, now what?

How To Build Your Brand

Deep Communication Skills: Did the client understand?

A Full-Time Freelancer Requires 100% Commitment.

How To Host Your Client Websites

White Label Projects

Full Written Version: How to Find Work
  Video Version Part 1 Finding Work Locally

  Video Version Part 2 Finding Work OnLine (Remote)

  Video Version Part 3 Finding Work: Supplemental Income and Conclusion 

Being Productive Between Projects

End of Year Checklist

Importance of Keep a Journal



Master Your Tools

Depression/Overwhelmed With Work

Reducing Burnout

Pros & Cons of You Providing Site Maintenance

Learning on the Job


Weird Clients

Should I have Insurance?

Change Log
1.0.1 2/27/2020 Updates & Corrections
“Setting Up Your Business”

Updated Reference 5.
Correction to the Reference number sequence.

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