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Freelance Web Developer Manual

Freelance Developer Manual
A Project of Frontntweaks.com
1st Edition Ver 1.0.1
© Copyright 2018 Gerald Watanabe

“Things you will never learn from a Coding Boot Camp, Coding School, or College”

Freelancer Developers Manual is released under:
A Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial license


All the information in this manual is based on my experiences in operating a freelance web business in the state of Hawaii, United States of America.
Novice freelance developers in other parts of the United States or in foreign countries may face different experiences due to:

  • Business laws and regulations
  • Compliance laws (multi state business)
  • Local Website market
  • Location: Urban or Rural
  • Culture
  • Local competition (other developers)

Any action you take upon the information from this Freelance Developers Manual is strictly at your own risk!
Frontntweaks does not guarantee the success or failure of any freelance business venture using this manual.

Table of Contents

In The Beginning

Introduction: What It Takes

Transition From Part-Time to Full-Time Freelancer

Setting Up Your Business: Things you need to do

You opened your doors, now what?

A Full Time Freelancer Needs To Make 100% Commitment

How To Build Your Brand

Deep Communication Skills: Did the client understand?

How To Host Your Client Websites

White Label Projects

Full Written Version: How to Find Work
  Video Version Part 1 Finding Work Locally

  Video Version Part 2 Finding Work OnLine (Remote)

  Video Version Part 3 Finding Work: Supplemental Income and Conclusion 

Being Productive Between Projects

End of Year Checklist

Importance of Keep a Journal



Client Problems

Master Your Tools

Depression/Overwhelmed With Work

Pros & Cons of You Providing Site Maintenance

Learning on the Job


Weird Clients

Should I have Insurance?

This is an ongoing side project as more pages are added as in time.

Change Log
1.0.1 2/27/2020 Updates & Corrections
“Setting Up Your Business”

Updated Reference 5.
Correction to the Reference number sequence.