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How To Protect Your .htaccess File

CMS Security: .htaccess File Protection

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and most, if not all Content Mangement Systems use the .htaccess file.
It is a configuration file that is used on servers using Apache software.

A few uses for this configuration file

  • Allow or Ban users based on their IP address.
  • Redirect users from one URL to another URL.
  • Enable password protection.
  • Prevent Hotlinking.
  • Direct to your custom pages, like 404 error page.

So this is a file that you would really want to protect from any unauthorized external sources.
Since the .htaccess file can manipulate site performance and functionality, I think it is critical to protect it for maintaining a secure environment.

A video tutorial on securing your .htaccess file.



Gerald Watanabe

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