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Happy New Year 2021!
In this blog, the first of 2021, I will be sharing some interesting things about the new Frontntweaks website coming down the road.

This current website is a few years old and needs to be reset, as it has many unused files and access baggage in it’s database.
It once was a very fast WP site, but has since showed it’s mileage.

I had several plans:
1) Gatsby – a React , GraphQL powered SSG. But I am still learning this setup and have been playing with it on the side.
Just not ready to go production yet because I just don’t have the time to experience the full functionality of this SSG, as client work comes first.
I just need to refresh the current website now, as it is showing its age.
So this iteration will have to wait till the next version.

2) Rebuild using static html for the main pages, and keeping all the posts in a new WordPress platform.
I think it would be easier to migrate these posts and pages into the same platform then trying to reformat everything into another platform.
The main pages would be fast static pages, and the blogs be in a simple, lightweight, no page builder, WordPress blog.
I actually had handcoded the main pages using the popular Bootstrap CSS Framework.
More on this later in the video below.

3) My third option was to migrate all the posts into a static site generator (Hugo/Publii) and deploy back to the server as all static pages.
This certainly would be a fast and secure website, as there is no data base to speak of.
But I was having issues with certain dynamic elements like the contact form, post comments, etc.
Workable but never quite how I like it to be.

4) In building a new WordPress platform for all my posts, I just wanted to keep things simple,
and lightweight. I learned how to use the Gutenburg Editor in building client websites, and have come
to appreciate how this editor works. So no page builder was used, no huge header images, as fewest plugins as necessary, and finally a
lightweight and fast theme. In the end I ended up with a theme from Generate Press Premium without using the Elementor plugins
that come with this theme. In other words a stock out of the box WordPress website.

I had never planned to run a full WordPress site for this blog again.
But during testing of a preproduction home page that I build just for testing purposes, I discovered that it was just as fast as
my static page version using GTMetrix. In addition all the Google Web Vitals passed with excellent results.
You can view these results in the video below.

In conclusion, I may end up with another WP site again.

Gerald Watanabe

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