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Do you stay up at night wondering how your competitors websites rank much higher than yours?
You ponder, would hiring a professional SEO consultant help?

I am sure every website owner has thought about these issues, for the whole purpose of your website is to be instantly found by visitors

There is hope, meet SEO Rambler
“The smartest way to compare your site against the ones ranking on Google. The Rambler is an easy tool to do a competitive SEO analysis fast. And it’s free.”

How Does It Work
This is a very simple online tool to use.
No sign-up, no opt-in, just available for immediate use.

It consists of three straightforward steps:

  1. Enter your keyword and URL
  2. Examine the Rambler results
  3. Put the knowledge into action

  1. Just fill in the three self explanatory blocks:
  • Keyword,
  • URL you want to rank for
  • Country (drop down menu)

Click Ramble On

  1. inspect your results
    “Compare with every competitor, with the TOP 10 and TOP 3 average”
  • Left column (gray) – your competitors
  • Reading Ease: color code
    • Green is good
    • Yellow = Needs improvement
    • Red poor
  • Hover over each column title to view text pop-up explanation
  • Using the above image as an example, follow the row to see what you need to improve
  • Compare with every competitor, with the TOP 10 and TOP 3 average.

  1. Take Action
    Make adjustments in each column for the particular row that needs tweaking. The neat thing about SEO Rambler is it actually shows you what area needs attention.

Making adjustments is a repetitive action, so you will need to tweak and retweak the various items on your website to modify the following:

  • Word Count
  • Number of Images
  • Outbound Links
  • Keyword Relevancy
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Page Speed

Bottom Line: people need to find you.
If you really want your website to be the best it can, it involves hard work. There are no shortcuts in SEO, you need to do it the right way, you cannot trick Google.

“Do you want to be among the first three ranking websites or your goal is just the first page?”

If you have further questions on SEO Rambler, or how to use it, please contact Canonicalized.

Gerald Watanabe

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