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New Developer Tech

Some new tech that you may be interested in. VSCode in the Browser You can now run VSCode IDE on any OS on your Desktop or Tablet. Stable and Safe: all your projects are stored in the cloud, and can be accssed from anywhere. All the features of the original remains the same. Free trial … Read more

RecordCast Online Screen Recorder & Video Editor

RecordCast Review A new Free online all in one screen recorder and video editor.This is a test of the Beta version and is available to anyone for use. You can actually produce a video for social media, presentations, tutorials and demos.The user can record: Whole computer screen Any open app Any browser tab Upload a … Read more

13 Online Web Enviroments To Practice JS

Young coders today are so lucky!The tools I mention below makes learning and practicing so fun and enjoyable.In my day, you had to code in your text editor and refresh the browser every time you made an edit. Some of these environments also allow you to practice React and Angular right in the browser.No need … Read more

Unique Text Editors

This original post of May 27, 2017 “Lesser Known Text Editors” has been updated: Feb 7, 2020 Codelobster is actually a free cross platform (Mac, Win, Linux) IDE that I have tried and highly recommend. It offers these standard features:PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript highlighting; advanced PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript autocomplete; a powerful PHP debugger; context and dynamic Help; a code validator; … Read more

Faststone Image Viewer Tutorial

A Powerful Free Photo Editor I have been using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for my image editing for many, many years.In fact, I go way back to Photoshop 7 when it was still software you could purchase on a CD.This was years before the Adobe Creative Cloud we know of today existed. Sometimes when you … Read more