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Publii Static Site CMS Installing Photo Gallery

In this post I help a WordPress client who is frustrated with WordPress.He is playing with Publii, with the possibility of switching his WordPress blog to a static site in the future. Installing a photo gallery in Publii is a really simple process.I think the preparation of the images are the key to having a … Read more

Publii SSG How to Create Columns or Tables with CSS Grid

Since I have been using Publii static site generator, I am learning more and more about it’s awesome capabilities and potential in building a fast loading website. On some posts, I needed to layout columns for my content.So how would I do this without using Bootstrap, or other library that would require another dependency. Now … Read more

Publii Change Background Color Technews Theme

I never did mention, that this current WordPress web development blog Frontntweaks.com is in the process of being migrated back to a static site. This site originally started out as a handcrafted static site.But as the posts grew and having the ability to add dynamic features with a click of a mouse, switching over to … Read more

Publii SSG Install A Button Link

If you have used WordPress, sometimes you get spoiled, because it is so simple to install a button with a click of the mouse. But if you are constructing a project based on a static file or a static site generator, you will have to manually write CSS and add it to your HTML file … Read more