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New Developer Tech 4

More New Tech You May Be Interested In Tenon.io Tenon offers accessibility as a service.“Every user should have equal access to your website. Tenon’s tools, testing and training fix accessibility for your entire organisation.” Testing: just insert your url to measure your website.Tools: Need an automated accessibility testing tool? Our API integrates into your development … Read more

New Developer Tech2

Some new tech that you may be interested in. Make.cm Make is a dead simple media generation API that allows you to generate and process web content into images and PDFs (with more on the way). Our sole aim is to allow developers to create world-class applications and generation workflows, without the worries of scale, … Read more

How To Test Your Website Using Lighthouse

Four Ways To Test Google’s Web Vitals Since Google is currently using the Core Web Vitals to audit every website , I will show you how to analyze your own website using four free tools. In each tool or resource, they use Lighthouse to crawl and gather data to generate a report for you. Pagespeed … Read more

New Website Under Construction

GTmetrix Test of New Website Happy New Year 2021!In this blog, the first of 2021, I will be sharing some interesting things about the new Frontntweaks website coming down the road. This current website is a few years old and needs to be reset, as it has many unused files and access baggage in it’s … Read more

Using GTmetrix to Test Web Core Vitals

Testing Your Website For Web Core Vitals A new version of the popular website testing tools GTMetrix has added Google’s Web Core Vitals to their test results.This makes it so much simpler to test your website with the often confused new Web Core Vitals terminology. There has been one change that Google has made since … Read more