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Review of Flexclip Version 2.7

I check out the latest version of this amazing video maker It’s been two years since I first reviewed Flexclip and thought it would be a great tool for beginners posting social media videos and creating intros and exits for those who wanted something that did not require a high learning curve and simple to … Read more

WordPress Installing Animated Bars Without A Plugin

Sometimes you just want to install or create some dynamic content to help stimulate your post or page. The most easiest way to do this is by searching for a plugin that best provides the features you desire. As one who has built and fixed quite a few WordPress sites over the years, I’ve come … Read more

Publii SSG How to Create Columns or Tables with CSS Grid

Since I have been using Publii static site generator, I am learning more and more about it’s awesome capabilities and potential in building a fast loading website. On some posts, I needed to layout columns for my content.So how would I do this without using Bootstrap, or other library that would require another dependency. Now … Read more

How To Test Your Website Using Lighthouse

Four Ways To Test Google’s Web Vitals Since Google is currently using the Core Web Vitals to audit every website , I will show you how to analyze your own website using four free tools. In each tool or resource, they use Lighthouse to crawl and gather data to generate a report for you. Pagespeed … Read more

Publii Change Background Color Technews Theme

I never did mention, that this current WordPress web development blog Frontntweaks.com is in the process of being migrated back to a static site. This site originally started out as a handcrafted static site.But as the posts grew and having the ability to add dynamic features with a click of a mouse, switching over to … Read more