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Updated: 1/8/21


All information and links on this site is free and for your use, to help you become the best you can be.

However, there are some content that is copyrighted:

  • Frontntweaks blog articles
  • Frontntweaks infographs
  • Frontntweaks photos, images

The above items can be downloaded, printed, or posted on other websites as long as credit is given back to Frontntweaks.com.
However, these written material cannot be sold at any cost.

Hotlinking to this website is prohibited, as security measures, the website firewall will block any attempts to hotlink.

There is no warranty for any information on this website.
All advice, instruction and software download recommendations are “Use at Your Own Risk.”
Frontntweaks.com is not responsible for any damage to your equipment or for any loss of data.


Frontntweaks.com collects the following information from those who access this website, strictly for statistical purposes (i.e. website hits, what pages are accessed).

  • No email address, personal names are collected.
  • No information is release to outside sources.
  • Only cookies used are “session cookies. In other words they are erased after viewer exits this website.

For more information on cookies see our Cookie Policy.

Frontntweaks is not responsible for the following:

  • Cookies set on your computer from other website’s that you download software from.
  • Spam email sent from outside sources.

Linking to other websites:

  • Other websites have their own Terms of Use and Privacy.
  • Developers may change their software from free to paid at anytime.

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