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White Label Projects

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White Label Work

So exactly what is “White Label” work?

From a Freelance Developer viewpoint:

Work that is contracted to you from a business, web agency, or another developer.
You complete the project and get paid for your services.
But the product (website, plugin, theme, SEO, software) labels itself as if they created the product.
But in actuality was built by another company, you.

So the public will think that the business, web agency or another developer who hired you built the product.

Or explained in another way:
You do work for someone else, and they get the credit.
You cannot use it on your portfolio or claim that you did this work for them.
It will usually be stipulated in the contract.

So why would you accept a project like this?

  • Income – as a freelancer, you are looking for any source of income to support your business.
  • No Client contact – you don’t deal with the client, you just do the work.
  • Do work outside of your normal clients – you may be performing work that you don’t normally do to help broaden your expertise.
  • Higher rates – normally white label work pay more so the original business can keep their branding.

Other examples of White Label work:

  • Customer support services.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Logo design.
  • Blog writers (Ghost writer).
  • Social Media optimization.
  • Video editing.

On the other side of the fence, you as a freelancer can also provide white-label work to others.
This is another topic for another blog.

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