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WordPress Using Analytics Plugin


Google Analytics is a very popular tool that the majority of websites use.
It is also free and provides a wealth of information for the website owner.

But lets face it, Google’s analytics dashboard is very intimidating at first for the newbie.
There is a learning curve involved and UI is not the most impressive in my opinion.

That’s why two of my clients recently inquired if there was another analytics tool that was much simpler to view and use. They both would be happy to just have the most basic data that would be easy to view.

Now I will always have their sites connected to Google Analytics for future use, for comparision, and to be connected to the Google network.


If you were to perform a internet search, you will find tons of analytic services available.
So how would you find the one that best suits you or your clients?
My truthful answer is I don’t know.

I am just using one of the services that I have used in the past so I am familiar with them.
For this situation, I am using the Statcounter plugin.
Now Statcounter has been around since 1999 so I have used them for many years.

I have also used Histats, AWstats, Crazyegg, W3counter, and a few others.
Bottom line, who has the time to try them all.
So if there other awesome plugins that you recommend, let me know.


In this short video, I demonstrate how to use this plugin and provide a quick overview of the Statcounter dashboard. The user will then have to spend time in learning how to extract what valuable data they require.

If there is some other information that is not provided, or they seek a different UI experience, we can then try the other analytics services.

Gerald Watanabe

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