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WordPress Security Everyone Forgets About

Aug 00, 2018
This is something I discovered while restoring a hacked site for a school. Although I don’t believe this was the cause for the malware that I cleaned out, it is a door that was left wide open for anyone to easily take down a website… Read

Fix A Hacked WordPress Website

Aug 1, 2018
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of WordPress Plugins The Ugly Looking at my calendar, it is July 2018 and I have already received requests to clean out four WordPress websites that were infected with malware since January. The common cause for all four infections is… Read

Basic Mobile Marketing Inforgraphic

Jul 18, 2018
How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage (Infographic) People are busy, and most prefer to learn visually. Thank goodness for infographics, which are just one awesome visual learning tool available today. The creator of an infographic collects data,… Read

Mobile and Web Application Backend Services

Jul 13, 2018
I was building a web app using React on my local machine and needed to test it live. Since I have the files stored on my local computer, I needed to stage the app so others can test and use this web app. What I needed was a cross-platform open-source staging site that was functional, and provided real-time services,… Read

DesignEvo 2.5 Free Logo Maker Review

Jun 29, 2018
Designers, developers and business owners are very fortunate these days. We are all short on time, money and patience so we are always looking for ways to improve our workflow in the quickest but also in the most efficient manner possible. Free online tools like the many logo makers have answered our needs.
In this post, I will take a look into one of these logo makers, DesignEvo 2.5 which is an updated version of the original DesignEvo,… Read

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Fix A Hacked WordPress Site

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