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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! This rotating Christmas Tree with glowing star and snow created with HTML and CSS Animations. To view code visit   Enjoy time with Family and Friends!   The glowing star, "Light of the World." Gerald...

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Learn Flexbox

I have been playing with and using CSS for many years, starting out with CSS2. When CSS3 was introduced, I began to look into the many new features and have used many of them. Two of the properties that I did not pursue until recently were CSS Animations and Flexbox....

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WordPress Core Files

Even though many of you have built websites with Wordpress, you may have noticed all the folders and files in your website's directory. These are your Wordpress Core files and you should never have to touch these files. In fact, with the exception of the configurable...

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Tools and Resources


Test loading speed, browser compatibility, mobile responsive tests, and more..


Useful Designer and Developer tools….

Web Security

Tools that may help you find vulnerabilities in your code, server, or website.

Essential Info

Vital sites every designer or developer should bookmark…

Photos and Images

About web images, editors, galleries, and more….


Cross Platform: Mac, Win, Linux


Tutorials, resources, and training for the beginner, intermediate or advance.

Keeping Up

Web developing is a constant technically evolving field, with new technologies, platforms, and ideas appearing almost daily….

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