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All About Linux Distributions

Your computer is aleady running a Mac or Windows system. Did you know that there is a third operating system called Linux? So what is a Linux operating system? The Linux source code (Linux kernel) was first released back in 1991. Being open source, it has grown into...

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Mozilla Firefox Builds

On my previous post, I went over the many different Chrome builds that are available for developers. Mozilla also has a team working on Firefox and its various editions which you can download and try out. From what I observed on the internet, Chrome and Firefox are...

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Google Chrome Builds

About two years ago, a developer mentioned that he uses Canary as his go to browser. I never heard of Canary at that time, so after doing my research, I learned that there were other iterations of Chrome. I myself just use the normal stable release version, but if you...

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Tools and Resources


Test loading speed, browser compatibility, mobile responsive tests, and more..


Useful Designer and Developer tools….

Web Security

Tools that may help you find vulnerabilities in your code, server, or website.

Essential Info

Vital sites every designer or developer should bookmark…

Photos and Images

About web images, editors, galleries, and more….


Cross Platform: Mac, Win, Linux


Tutorials, resources, and training for the beginner, intermediate or advance.

Keeping Up

Web developing is a constant technically evolving field, with new technologies, platforms, and ideas appearing almost daily….

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