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The description of Free GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation is free offline GPS Navigation app for your trips and routes. Great search makes your trip planning easy and voice navigation with offline maps makes your driving fast and effortless.

This navigation application provides offline maps of all countries of the world and offers the best travel options along the route.


Top features of Free GPS Navigation:

  • Navigation – see route and navigate to address, map location, GPS coordinates or even to a photo
  • Voice – drive with voice in your language. Hear precise turn by turn instruction with clear voice chosen by you. Navigate with navigation that talks!
  • Offline – no internet connection needed. With offline maps you save mobile data at home and abroad
  •  Traffic information – live and accurate traffic information about situation on the road which updates every 2 minutes. Danger alarms, traffic jam information, closures and more
  •  Speed camera alarms – see police traps and avoid paying fines
  •  GPS location – see and follow your GPS location on map anywhere in the world
  •  Driving and walking – ideal for both car and pedestrian navigation with route

Other features of Free GPS Navigation:

  • 3D Map – detailed 3D maps of entire world with free map updates
  • Lane guidance – do not miss a turn, you will know what road line is the best for you
  •  Speed limits – Avoid tickets and always know speed limit on the road. Includes warnings with voice alarm in case of speeding
  • Shortcut – with navigation shortcut you can navigate to home / work / anywhere with just one click from your homescreen
  •  HUD – with Head up display you can project navigation onto windshield of your car. Great for safe drive at night
  • Dashcam – allows you to record the road ahead. Share video of your drive with family and friends. In case of emergency the video is automatically saved
  •  Great search – with powerful search you can easily find your target location
  • Travel book – see all your routes and trips in one place