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Category: Arcade

The description of Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a fun arcade game free for iOS and Android devices. In HELIX JUMP, you have to help a ball get to the bottom of a tower. By spinning a circular platform to the left or right, you'll be able to find a space in the floor, allowing the ball to fall down to the next level. Ultimate goal is to reach the bottom of the tower.

You also have to avoid dangerous pieces of the platform that can affect the ball's path, although falling past multiple levels allows you to break lower ones, making your navigation much easier. But otherwise, there's no story to be found in the game.

Helix Jump Tips & Tricks

  • Take Your Time – Line up and take 3 or more platforms at once.
  • Destroy Red – Use a three or more jump to knock out a red platform when it’s hard to find a place you can land.
  • Practice – Keep playing and learn to spot the platform openings that you need and just how much you need to move your finger to get through the next opening.
  • Take Chances – Trust your reflexes and spin to go further when you get past a third platform.
  • Revive Every Time – It can suck to watch an ad, but anytime you get past a few platforms it is worth using the one revive to keep going.

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