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The description of Runtastic Running: Run Tracker

Runtastic Running: Run Tracker is a free application developed by Mc ron, under the category of Health and Fitness. As of now this application has more than 100 downloads. In the article below we will introduce you to the features and benefits of Runtastic Running App & Fitness Tracker.

Features of Runtastic Running: Run Tracker:

- Get audio feedback from the Voice Coach in the running app.
- Monitor your running statistics to analyze your training patterns.
- Set your Yearly Running Goal & we’ll help you to reach it with your run tracker.
- Track miles for your running shoes & we’ll let you know when it’s time to get a new pair.
- Join a group & run with friends.
- Engage in a little friendly competition & check the Leaderboard to see which of your friends has run the farthest
- Start a Runtastic activity directly from your wrist. Runtastic is fully optimized for Android Wear 2.0, integrated with Garmin Connect (Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, GPS-enabled Vivo or Edge bike computer), Google Fit, MyFitnessPal & Runtastic Wearable Connect.

Goal of Runtastic Running:

- Year Running Goal: Set operational goals and we will keep you on track to achieve it with your cardio training. Set current goals and we will run your track distance
- Track shoes: Use this feature as a mile tracker for your jogging shoes and we will tell you when is the time to get a new pair
- Profile: Did you get better with each run? Use this tracker tracker to track your personal profile in running apps and get motivated to keep pushing yourself to improve

Share your success:

- Feature groups: Create groups with friends. There is a leaderboard where you can participate in a little friendly competition using this mileage track to stay motivated.
- Running Leaderboard: See your friends who have run farthest from the previous / current or month.