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The description of Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 plays much like a traditional fighting game, only combat is a bit slower and there’s steady character progression. As you beat down other shadows, or even get beat down yourself, you’ll earn money that can be spent on better equipment. Better equipment will give you better odds against tougher opponents, which will in-turn allow you to earn even more money for even better gear.

The ever-present cycle of earning better stuff to fight nastier bad guys to earn better stuff and so on is about as as big a driving force as you’d expect – which is to say it’s downright compulsory.

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The Good

Shadow Fight 2 has silky-smooth animations, several game modes, and RPG elements that let you upgrade your weapons, armor, and fighting style.

The Bad

The freemium model slows down gameplay, and you can buy some items only with real money. You can't sync between iOS devices.

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