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The description of Battery Life

Battery Life is an application that allows mobile users to check the number of charging and battery bottles right on the device without having to run out of inspection goods to do poorly and lose time. Only with iPhone's Battery Life app, we can do these seemingly impossible things.

Moreover, this application also has other functions such as Memory Cleaner, Ram Booster, and Task Killer for better battery performance.

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Features of Battery Life:

• Exactly the battery status and remaining usage time.
• Accurately display the remaining charging time.
• Optimized smart battery consumption with just one touch.
• Battery saving mode is available or customized to your liking.
• Identify and disable background applications that drain the battery.
• Automatically delete hidden apps when the screen is off.
• Control smart screen brightness.
• Monitoring the effectiveness of energy use
• Display details: battery temperature, battery voltage, battery status
• Simple and easy to use interface
• Continuous and timely updates

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