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The description of Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D is a cool arcade game with retro graphics and bright vibrant colors. In this game, you must control a ball and try to avoid hitting any objects that are not the same color as the ball!

Play speed will be faster as you progress so you need a quick reaction to swipe, move the ball or avoid other balls rolling. The physics element of the game is interesting – you can use the colored objects to knock other shapes out of the way. There is a plethora of levels to play, each with a different challenge and configuration of shapes!

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Color Bump 3D game features

  • Colorful levels
  • 3D objects
  • More than 800 levels to beat
  • Cool collision physics

Some tips for game player

- Shield yourself : Use the objects to shield yourself when applicable.

- Keep straight: Sometimes just taking your finger off the screen and making your sphere go straight up in a line can be the best strategy in some stages.

- Back and forward: Remember you can move in every direction – up, down, right, and left. Don’t restrict yourself into thinking you have to move at a certain speed through the stages.

- Up top: If you want lots of time to watch objects fall into place start at the top of the screen. This way you always have the chance to negotiate tricky pile ups of obstacles.

- Boost power: Swipe a quick line up behind your ball if you want to strike a certain item with real power. This can cause it to jump over obstacles in front of it

- Slow and steady: Rushing in Color Bump 3D will almost end in disaster, especially in later stages. Keep your sphere steady and slowly weave your way through the trickier passages.