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The description of Kaiju Rush

Kaiju Rush is one of those games that thinks up a question no one thought they wanted to know the answer to, and in solving that seemingly unimportant conundrum creates something that's an awful lot of fun.

With Kaiju Rush the particular question here runs something like this - what would happen if you mashed together Crossy Road and Rampage? The answer is a quick-fire, one-tap arcade game that's packed to the gills with exploding buildings and delightful destruction.

Kaiju Rush might not be the deepest game in the world, and after a while the repetitive nature of the experience is going to start to grate - but for those blissful moments before that, it's a cathartic way to waste a few minutes here and there. Don't forget to upgrade monsters and improve your distance. Get further to discover more buildings and to unlock more Kaiju monsters.

Main features of the game Kaiju Rush

  • Super fun gameplay
  • Simple one-tap controls
  • Upgrade to improve your distance
  • A variety of Kaiju creatures

Kaiju Rush with simple controls and single minded goal, this casual app lets you focus on the pure destruction that comes from monsters invading your backyard! Kaiju Rush has some very sprite like graphics. There’s not much attention to detail, but after a few power-ups the landscape becomes a red circle. The explosions are rather fair. It’s just a giant crater that blows things up, but there’s no fire or people running from a build. At best, this casual app is all about game-play, and less about taking in the environment.

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